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Angola’s is a country with a vast expanse of natural resources and development possibilities. It is rich in oil, diamonds, iron ore and copper, and a host of other natural resources.

It has the potential to become one of Africa’s richest countries.

After the end of the civil war a restructuring campaign was started which is in full motion at this moment. New infrastructure, roads, bridges, housing, etc. are being built everywhere. One of the most impressive recent accomplishments is the completion of the Marginal, the street alongside the Luanda Bay which was inaugurated on 30th August 2012.

Nevertheless a large number of infrastructure works are still in progress or still have to be started, making travelling, especially to remote areas, a challenge still.

After the peaceful elections of 31st August 2012 the President Eduardo Dos Santos remains in power for the next 5 year term, which ensures that the infrastructure programs continue as planned.


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