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The port of Luanda lies at 8° 47' S latitude and 13°14' E longitude in the sheltered bay of Luanda. The access is very easy with the entrance of the bay being about 1,5 mile wide. It is the main port of Angola, handling more than 70% of imports and exports of Angola (oil / crude excluded)

Characteristics and equipment

The port has 2738 mts of berths, divided over 5 terminals, each with their own specific purpose:

MULTITERMINAIS: break-bulk terminal

UNICARGAS: multipurpose terminal

SOGESTER: container terminal

SONILS: Oil & gas terminal

SOPORTOS: multipurpose terminal

In addition there is a separate fishing port.

The port works 24 hrs, 7 days a week. Traffic is managed by the port Luanda Port Authority & Port Captain.

The local tugboat company has 3 tugs with power between 750 and 2500 HP


The port handles about 1, 5 million tons per year, mostly import cargo ( 1.2000 000 tons) half of which is containerized cargo, the goods are varied and range from wheat flour, rice or sugar and cereals or frozen cargo to construction materials, steel products, etc. 


The maximum draft in the channel and is 9,50 mts, depth along the quayside is higher, ranging between 10.5 and 12,5 meter alongside the main terminals.

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